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Pure Addiction Crunch 250 g


LOOP has created “PURE ADDICTION”, a formula that combines mainly hydrated carbonates of magnesium and calcium.

Stresses its high adherence , low volatility, high density favoring its use, optimum moisture absorption and besides it is very careful with the skin.

This product is 100% organic and only contains natural elements without additives and free of resins which may cause unwanted effects.

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商品コード: LOOP.PA.CR カテゴリー:


CRUNCH chunky chalk improves grip when climbing.. Mix of chalk powder and chunks to reduce dust.

Height 32 cm

Width 22 cm

Depth 15 cm

weight 250g Neto

Material Chalk Formula loop

Volum 0.75 L

Optimally suitable for Climbing , Boulder , training , gym

Technology Super friction Formula

Trademark Loopwear